A Fresh Start in the United States

After interviewing my narrator for the project, I realized that immigrating to America was both a challenging experience and an exciting adventure. My narrator transitioned to life in America in many ways. Spending time with family and friends here allowed her to grow more accustomed to her new environment. These connections made it easier to start a new life in a new country, especially because she did not speak English well.

A recurring theme throughout her story was the importance of a good work ethic. My narrator had learned to work hard as a child, which was a valuable lesson that she brought with her to America. Soon after arriving in California, she got her first job, saved money to buy her first car, and took night classes to learn English. Her experiences taught her to help others who came to America because she knew how it felt to be in their position.

Although living in America was initially tough, my narrator found time to have fun. She learned to cook so she could eat food that reminded her of her homeland. She enjoyed taking road trips and visiting amusement parks with friends to see more of the United States.

For my narrator, moving to America was not easy, but she was able to make a new life for herself here. Her experiences taught me that courage, determination, and a positive attitude are all important to have when facing a new circumstance.

-Victoria Perez

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