Inspiring the Next Generation

In preparation for the Long Table: Los Angeles, our class and members of a German delegation team visited an elementary school last week. We had the opportunity to teach fourth graders about the event and get them involved in the project.

Every day there were different workshops about immigration and the interview process. On Thursday, I helped them write and edit their narrator’s stories. The kids had taken notes during their interviews the day before. Some of them had interviewed relatives or their friend’s family members. Whether it was helping them think of a title for their essay or spelling the word “interview,” it was cool to see their stories come together.

It was fun to tell the kids about what I have learned this semester in my oral history class. I look forward to seeing how our endeavors will all come together on Saturday. It is exciting that their stories can now be told to the Los Angeles community and that each of our stories contribute to the greater story of the history of immigration in Los Angeles.

Victoria Perez

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