Our Vision


By brinholding-handsging the Lange Tafel to Southern California, we would like to initiate a sustainable, grassroots people-to-people encounter between Berliners and Californians beyond the glamour and red carpets of both cities. Our goal is a project that has longevity, in which both cities work together, exchange experiences, and learn from one another. To this end, after implementing the Lange Tafel LA (12 March 2016), Professor Granata and a group of her students traveled to Berlin, where they assisted with the Lange Tafel- Bergmannstraße (16 July 2016). In summer 2017, her colleague Professor Volker Janssen led a group of Cal State Fullerton students to Berlin, where they also shared stories on “Freedom Instead of Walls” for the Lange Tafel LA-Berlin project. We aim to construct a bridge of friendship between the two cities, built on a foundation of respect and understanding for the contributions of immigration to both cities. The Lange Tafel project will evolve and adapt to the different structures and cultural contexts in Los Angeles.